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How Mindfulness Helps Reduce Anxiety and Tools to Get Started

Mar 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

What is Mindfulness-Based Therapy?

Mindfulness-based therapy for Anxiety is a therapeutic approach involving conscious awareness of the present moment while practicing a nonjudgmental attitude to what’s happening. Mindfulness can teach you effective ways to engage and respond in the present moment. When you’re experiencing anxiety – whether that’s an uncomfortable situation, intrusive anxious and negative thoughts, or urges to engage in “quick fix” behaviors (such as avoidance, substance use, isolation), these processes perpetuate and worsen anxiety. The practice of mindfulness helps to slow down and reconnect with yourself by not engaging in patterns that don’t serve you. You can  learn this by paying attention to what’s happening in real time.

Woman sitting on the floor with her cat in the lotus position practicing meditation representing the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Anxiety in Orange County, CA.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy to Reduces Anxiety

Mindfulness helps reduce anxiety by calming down the “fight-or-flight,” also  known as “the stress response.”  As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the fight-or-flight response is useful when we are in real danger. It serves to fight off a threat or run away to safety. However, we can also overreact to various stressors that are not life-threatening, such as social anxiety, work stress, or issues with relationships. Fortunately, you can learn techniques to reduce the stress response – which then reduces anxiety. 

Let’s get started on some techniques you try. 

Woman standing on a rocky outcropping with her hands clasped above her head representing the peace that can be found through Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Orange County, CA.

Mindfulness-based Tools To Reduce Anxiety

Trigger the relaxation response:

When you’re experiencing anxiety, your fight-or-flight response is activated sensing you’re in danger. You can help calm down the response through deep breathing. It’s one of my go-to when I’m experiencing anxiety. Deep breathing isn’t a quick fix and takes time and practice to see the full benefits but it’s so worth it because deeping breathing can help shift you from survival mode to safety mode. The next time you notice stress or anxiety, take 3 minutes to deep breathe. Try the 4-7-8 technique. Inhale through your nose to a count of 4, hold to a count of 7, and exhale through your mouth, count to 8. Check out this video here to learn how to do it.

Body scan exercise:

Regular practice develops connection with your body in the present moment. You can learn to be observant of your whole body and the physical sensations of where you hold stress and tension. Overtime, body scan reduces anxiety and stress, which can help with developing and improving self-awareness of thoughts and feelings without judgment – changing how you respond to them. To start, it’s helpful to create a routine – a scheduled time that feels best for you whether that’s in the morning or night time. Aim for a realistic time you set aside every day whether that’s 9 minutes like the video here or for 15 minutes. It’s up to you and what feels right. 

Woman practicing yoga on the floor with her dog representing the peace that you can find through the use of Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Anxiety in Orange County, CA.

Words of encouragement:

Learning anything new – whether that’s a language, music instructment, or coping tools is very much like exercise. It takes time to see results and benefits.

Give yourself some patience and compassion when trying new coping strategies. It’s not about getting it right or wrong but more about trying something that can help.

I know there’s a gazillion blogs to read so thank you for taking the time to read this one. I hope it was helpful. You are appreciated! 


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